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Flip Clip offers you the possibility to store your winter sports, garden and household tools comfortably, space-saving and always at hand on a wall.

Especially when storing skis, it is important that they are not placed on the floor after use, as they stand in water after the snow melts, which can cause rust to form on the edges.

This increases the service effort for the sports equipment and thus causes additional costs at the next service.

When storing the skis in our holder system, they hang freely on the wall. This allows them to drip off easily and significantly reduces rust buildup.

Since we started selling Flip Clip (1990), we have seen – yes, this is really true – less than a handful break.

The original Flip Clip has been on the market for more than 30 years and our team has only had to dispose of a few individual clips since then due to age.

Against the background of this experience, we have decided to provide you with a warranty of 10 years if properly handled.

With Flip Clip you probably purchase the highest quality mounting system on the market. Tested thousands of times and produced to the highest standards. And you can feel that too – I promise.

Should any damage occur to your Flip Clip outside of warranty, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if your Flip Clip is already 30 years old, we always supply compatible spare parts.

All our products bear the “Made in Austria and Switzerland” seal.

The plastic parts have been produced in Switzerland since 1990, the metal processing in various plants throughout Austria.

All individual parts are assembled at our factory in Vorarlberg/Austria and in a long-standing cooperation with “Pro mente Vorarlberg”.

“Pro mente” is an organization operating throughout Austria that, among other things, employs and supports people in psychosocial life crises or with mental illness and tries to reintegrate them into the primary labor market.

The necessary screws and universal dowels are included. Please note the condition of the substrate and pre-drill the holes with a drill if necessary. Then insert the universal anchors and screw Flip Clip to the wall using a Torx bit and the screws provided. Assembly instructions with all assembly details are included with every order or can be downloaded from our website under “ASSEMBLY”.


  • Pencil and tape measure (spirit level if necessary)

  • Hammer

  • Drill with 8 mm drill bit

  • Torx TX20 bit

If you need more information for installation, do not hesitate and contact us.

The Flip Clip Regular5 can be ordered with fiberglass-reinforced plastic or with an aluminum base plate.

The main difference is defined in the load capacity. While the plastic plate is designed for a continuous load of 10 kg, our aluminum base plate passed safety tests with 25 kg.

For use in commercial environments (e.g.: ski cellars and winter sports stores, …) we recommend at most the aluminum variant.

Since with this variant, even after years of daily use, there is no wear and tear on the aluminum parts, and the base frame can withstand even heavy blows and shocks undamaged.

The Flip Clip Flex is recommended to store as many devices as possible in the most space-saving way. Here, for example, 6 skis can be stored on 1m wall length.

Due to the base plate angled at 40° to the wall, the hooked-in skis deflect each other in the binding area.

With the Flip Clip Regular, the skis are placed at right angles to the wall. Since the binding area of most skis is the widest point of the sports equipment, contact points can occur here. The space requirement is increased due to the distance required as a result.

For storage of garden tools, brooms, etc., of course, can be used both variants.

No, an order is possible even without creating a user account.

For deliveries to Austria and Germany over 200 euros there are no shipping costs.

Yes. Please note here that you may have to pay import VAT/customs when importing the order to a non-EU country!

After your order has been shipped, your country’s customs authority or the supplier may contact you to inform you of any customs duties/duties. These levies vary from country to country, so we cannot collect them in advance.

If you have chosen a non-EU country when selecting the country on the home page, or at checkout, all prices on our website are shown without sales tax.

Basically, in recent years we have always recommended that our customers hang the poles over the ski tips or hook them onto the hooks on the Duo or Triple.

Since more and more manufacturers now also offer poles without loops, we are working on an expansion of our portfolio here, which is compatible with our aluminum system rail.

We will introduce a supplementary holder for this in the near future.

We deliver throughout Europe with DPD and internationally with DHL. These partners have proven to be very reliable and fast over the years. Within Austria you will usually receive the delivery on the next business day. Deliveries to Germany and Italy need 2-3 days. In all other countries you can expect delivery in about 3-5 business days. 

For delivery to non-EU countries, delays may occur in individual cases due to import and customs controls.

You can check the exact delivery status at any time using the tracking ID sent to you by e-mail. 

Within Austria and Germany you can easily pay via invoice through Klarna. In the other countries you can pay by bank transfer, credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Sofortüberweisung and Paypal.

Info: On the Paypal page you can also pay with your credit card – even without opening an account with Paypal. Try it – it’s very simple.

Our website is SSL-encrypted, which ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and your browser is encrypted only.

All payments are processed through the global payment provider Stripe. If you need more information, please visit our Privacy page or contact us directly.

Yes, we try to ship all over the world!

If you do not find your country in the selection at the checkout, simply contact us by mail at: info@flip-clip.at and we will send you an individual offer to your desired address.

If you have received an order that contains a damaged, defective or incorrect item, please contact us as soon as possible with your order number and a photo of the problem – we will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If you are not satisfied with the product you ordered, you can return it to us within 14 days free of charge, from all EU countries, without giving any reason. 

To do this, please simply contact us and we will arrange for DPD to pick up your order at the original shipping address.

Please send us an email with your desired date and collection time an: info@flip-clip.at and we will take care of an uncomplicated processing of your return as soon as possible.

Yes, snowboards can also be easily hung with Flip Clip.

Since when hanging the boards in the upper shovel area, the lower side of the board with the waist rests against the wall, however, it can come here to the damage of the wall or the edge when hastily hanging. But here you can easily place a wooden board, felt or carpet to protect the wall and sports equipment.

Yes. Unfortunately, we have not been spared from this problem either. Of course, through legal action, dialogue and/or education, we are trying to get these products off the market or achieve a clearer separation.

All Flip Clip products can be recognized by the original lettering on the two clamping jaws. This is incorporated into the plastic and identifies the original Flip Clip holders.

Free delivery

From an order value of € 200 we deliver free of charge to Austria and Germany.

10 years warranty

You can get spare parts for our holders even for 30 years old flip clip.

Secure Payment

We use the most secure payment system currently available on the market to process our online payment.